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Hi and thanks for coming here. I am a website developer living in the North East England, and this is one of my sites. It's created mainly for my customers who do always keep asking advice when choosing right web hosts for their business websites. As near everyone asks, I finally decided to spare some of my time and published this listing on the Internet, from now everyone can take a quick look, compare pricing, learn technical characteristics and make a choice independently.

The listing is open to new entries, so, if you think your business can benefit from the insertion, please read «How to advertise here» page. It's brief, and learning everything will not take long: I keep terms short and clear. New submissions help me in ongoing development of the directory. As far as you can see, there are not many of the web hosts listed at the moment, but the website was just recently run (in late October 2014) and it, obviously, requires time for natural growth.

This project is fully funded and managed by me, it is not owned by any of the web hosting providers listed on it. By the way, I have certain plans, the project is not yet developed to pre-set borders, it will be growing much further within them. As I said, this is just the very beginning... What I will be adding here? E.g. I am thinking about a «reviews» section, would like to enable users' comments to web hosts' listings, so everyone could share personal opinion or experience from using hosting services. Unfortunately, lack of time makes a problem. However, when there I find a free time spot in my schedule, I devote it to these pages, so one day or another the website will be developed to what I think it must be...

That's it, and enough to begin with. Any questions or comments, you are warm welcome to submit them. My email address published on every website page, and full contacts can be seen here.



South Shileds
North East England
United Kingdom

HOSTOLIA.COM   |   How to advertise here   |   admin@hostolia.com   |   Staples Online

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