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Some businesses need websites as virtual cards, which gave brief information about what business does and which hours it operates. However, there is a significant part of companies and sole-traders that sell things over the Internet. This type of businesses require complete e-commerce solutions. Ready to go online stores is just one of these widely distributed solutions. Please be aware, that not all web hosts offer them to the public, they are mainly offered via specialised providers. We listed some of them on this page for your information. Please take a look: offers complete e-commerce solutions so customers can start trading fast and hassle free. You will be abe to create your perfect eShop and design it with just a few clicks, start selling immediately, easily integrate Facebook and even post out your newsletters.   |   E-shops, online stores and e-commerce solutions

With users can create online stores their way and have simple in navigation, beautiful in design & effective ecommerce websites. Web host takes the headache out of building and managing online shops. Leaving people free to work on what's most important - their businesses.   |   E-shops, online stores and e-commerce solutions

GoDaddy.comWith ecommerce solutions everyone can build own online store in minutes, using advantages of «Quick Shopping Cart». Rverything you need is included into online store hosting pack, no programming required, low processing rates, it's trusted and reliable (50K stores open worldwide).   |   E-shops, online stores and e-commerce solutions

Yahoo Stores

Yahoo Stores - Button 120x60Yahoo Stores is the most complete e-commerce solution which customer can desire. Huge storage space, good amount of bandwidth, free domain, mobile storefront, backoffice apps and «Yahoo Live Web Insights» activity monitoring. That all put you on a route to success.

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Is your business missing from the list and not showing up on the page? Suggest a link, and we will let you know our terms and conditions. Pricing is kept low and affordable, you can take a quick look: our up-to-date fees are published here.

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Lenovo UK

Lenovo UK sells notebooks and desktop computers (inclusive of ThinkPad & ThinkCentre) plus accessories. This is a customer-focused company with extraordinary resources and broad reach