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Advertising on my website is simple and hassle free. First, get in touch with me and tell you are interested, I will write with full details back. All paid listings are permanent and will never expire. I charge one off insertion fee, which is £50 at the moment (the price is for inclusion in web hosts listing on one selected page - if you select two pages, fee doubles, if three - triples, etc.). Advets do notmally appear on the same day when payments are cleared. Preferred payment methods are: PayPal and UK bank transfer. Value Added Tax is not applicable.


I do accept advertisements though Affiliate Window or other participating affiliate networks. If you are an approved advertiser with any of them, please let me know, so I could consider joining your programme. In this case, and if successful, you will not be paying anything for the adverts displayed on my website, your ads will appear in full accordance to affiliate programme terms (commission based basis).

Custom advertising options

if you have anything specific in your mind, and came here carrying a ready idea on how you wish your business to be advertised, it's just great. We can discuss custom formats. I can meet every advertiser's need and work out the right solution. Contact me today.

HOSTOLIA.COM   |   Contacts   |   |   Staples Online

Lenovo UK

Lenovo UK sells notebooks and desktop computers (inclusive of ThinkPad & ThinkCentre) plus accessories. This is a customer-focused company with extraordinary resources and broad reach